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Why search for commercial property or quarters on your own? Reichel Realty’s tenant representation team is expert at identifying and aligning your strategic business goals with the local commercial property market. For companies entering the market, growing, relocating or consolidating, no one knows the South Florida commercial real estate landscape better. For property buyers, whether for a single asset or to build a portfolio, Reichel’s expertise adds value at every stage.

Benefits of Our Exclusive Tenant Representation Services:

Single Point of Contact
While you focus on your business, we handle all direct communications with building owners/landlords, broker/agents and all professionals involved in the transaction.

Fiduciary Relationship
As your representative, we have a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest and we adhere to the highest professional standards and practices.

Market Leader Benefits
Our position as a recognized market leader brings you deep market knowledge and the leverage gained in performing these services at the highest level on a daily basis.

Services, Measurable Results at No Cost To You
Industry standard is for the building owner/landlord – not the buyer or tenant – to pay all commercial real estate brokerage fees. With Reichel as your exclusive representative, you are under no obligation to enter into a transaction. Our goal is to save you time and money by helping you formulate economic and non-economic goals specific to your needs. We conduct a comprehensive property search, deliver an in-depth financial analysis  comparing your options, then negotiate the best fit at the most favorable terms.

Case Study

Hanley Foundation

When the Hanley Foundation sought new quarters, it anticipated a year-long search to find the right fit. The Board chose Reichel Realty for the assignment and within weeks, Reichel pinpointed an ideal location for purchase, a  West Palm Beach office building.

“Reichel’s expertise and market knowledge gave us the confidence that we’d made the right decision. Bill was genuine, gave it to us straight and understood this decision was critical to our foundation’s future. He met every challenge, worked with multiple parties on our board and stayed on top of negotiations. We couldn’t have had a better experience. “

Jan Cairnes, Hanley Foundation


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